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公司内部培训 09/20/2018

1.How to apply Niche loan programs to support your customers in the competitive market ? Mobile Home Loan, Hard Money Loan, Regular Convention loan…

2. Open Questions.

主讲: Megan Miller From Goodview

时间:11:00-12:30 pm 9/20/18


1.How to build an ADU? (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

2.How to apply and get the ADU permit?

主讲: Daniel Wang From Arch & Lan Development Inc

时间:1:00-2:30 pm 9/20/18


地点: Santa Clara 公司大会议室。请大家提前安排好时间,公司为大家准备了中午简餐。


公司内部培训 09/14/2018

Listing 及 Selling 业务流程及实操

主讲:  Mary Ma 

时间:2:00-4:00pm 09/14/18

地点:Fremont office


1. How does the new tax law affect real estate investors?

2. How to report 1031 exchange on tax returns?

主讲: Vivian Qian From C&D CPAs

时间:11:00-12:30pm 8/31/18


1. What do foreigners pay attention to when buying and selling houses in the US?

2. Open house questions

主讲:Jennifer Lee From Fidelity Title

时间:1:00-2:00pm 8/31/18



1.Typical home improvement cases process and related building code, etc: Additional Units, Alteration, Mixed-use.

2.Interaction and relationship between interior design and related industries.

主讲: Coco Bao From Inncon Design

时间:11:00-12:30pm 6/15/18


1.How to read the closing statement

2. FIRPTA Update

主讲: Jennifer Lee From Fidelity Title

时间:1:00-2:00pm 6/15/18


地点: 公司大会议室。请大家提前安排好时间,公司为大家准备了中午简餐。



1. How to get listing in the competitive market?

2. Successful case sharing.

主讲: Cindy Yang

时间:11:00-12:30 pm 6/1/18


1. Latest updated on our No Tax Return, No W2 program.

2. Planning/Structure for your purchase loan.

主讲:Julie Zhang From Sterling Bank

时间:1:00-2:00 pm 6/1/18


地点: 公司大会议室 请大家提前安排好时间哦,公司为大家准备了中午简餐。




How to do the buyer and seller Quick Estimate ?

How to read the Preliminary

主讲: Jennifer Lee From Fidelity Title

时间:11:00-12:30pm 5/17/18


How to get the latest real estate information in south bay?

How to get the customer’s trust?

主讲:Catherine Zhang

时间:1:00-2:00pm 5/17/18


地点: 公司大会议室。请提前安排好时间,公司为大家准备了中午简餐。


 How to hold title correctly ?

Living trust questions ?

Other legal issues?

主讲:Victoria Li (lawyer )

时间:11:00-12:30pm 04/30/18


How to consult the buyer’s financial status?

How to prepare the Pre-Approval?

主讲:Suzy Wang

时间:1:00-2:00pm 4/30/18


地点: 公司大会议室。请提前安排好时间,公司为大家准备了中午简餐。