All the following are true comments and stories from the students, references are available upon request. 

The students' comments and stories are more important than the Commercial Advertisement. 

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It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse a real estate school and Mr. Jiang. As his previous student, I

passed state salesperson examination. I cannot image this without Mr. Jiang’s help.

Mr. Jiang provides real estate handouts concise, comprehensive and focused exercises which help me to learn real estate quickly and efficiently. While teaching us the knowledge of real estate to obtain a license, Mr. Jiang also introduce a lot of cases related with his practice experience of real estate and loan business. It accelerates our understanding of the real estate, loan business and the market. It also make us to achieve the leap from theory to practice. It is a great help for us to start a business after having a real estate license.


John Zhang (3/28/2015) 

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for covering the closing cost and appraisal fee for us. The whole process of this loan application went very smoothly. Your staff is very professional, thorough, and patient. We really appreciate it. We will always come to you for any future mortgage needs.
Brian Zhuang (5/3/2013)
Hi Goodview:
Thank you, so much for your helps with our refinance.  Our mortgage was a difficult one and we tried in vain to get refinanced for a couple of times already.  You guys went extra miles for us to successfully get it finally completed.  Now we can enjoy the low interest mortgage as other people do.  Your efforts, time, and professionalism are much appreciated and remembered for long time.
Best regards,
Peter and Joy Zhou (3/8/2012)

今天考試one take 過關,多謝老師教導,學校考題超準,有80% covered。考試一條計算题都没有。大家不要花太多时間在計算题。把老師所有考题重覆做到80分以上就沒問题。Questions in exam are less tricky than ours.

–Wallant Poon  03/29/2017

This is the place to be especially for Chinese student! Due to my parents and relatives want to participate with real estate investing in US,therefore I’ve been suggested to get the license. I’ve been searching online for good schools, and saw a few of my friends were graduated from this school, so I decided to give it a try as the school offer first class sit in listen for free.

The class has many time availability such as weekday and weekend, mine was every Sunday 10:30 AM to 1PM. First time listening to Professor Ben, I am already triggered to make up mind to stay with this school. Professor Ben is an amazing teacher and a great person, I not only learn the “real deal” but also many great history along with the real state market where you wouldn’t normally learn else where, moreover, I am very admired with Professor Ben as a person and a businessman, his personality, mindset, and the way how he teach student to do business is priceless, sufficient to show his experience and professionalism, I do get the feeling I not only learn what real estate is about but also becoming a better person.

Professor Ben is also a nice which you will find him very funny during class but guess what, when a student miss a class, he will actually willing to teach the last class all over again even for just one student, how responsible! He is the person with experience both as in a real estate broker and loan officer, definitely a person you can learn from,I truly enjoyed the time in class with him. And the ultimate reason besides the professor is great, the exam prep and class handout are very very close to what the exam questions, I passed on my first try without even opening the test book! There’s a reason why he said this in the beginning of the class: “The most accurate test question in the entire bay area is in my hand…” THE SEARCH IS OVER~

— Mathew Z. From Pittsburg, CA (4/29/2016)

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse a real estate school and Mr. Jiang. As his previous student, I passed state salesperson examination. I cannot image this without Mr. Jiang’s help.

Mr. Jiang provides real estate handouts concise, comprehensive and focused exercises which help me to learn real estate quickly and efficiently. While teaching us the knowledge of real estate to obtain a license, Mr. Jiang also introduce a lot of cases related with his practice experience of real estate and loan business. It accelerates our understanding of the real estate, loan business and the market. It also make us to achieve the leap from theory to practice. It is a great help for us to start a business after having a real estate license.


John Zhang (3/28/2015) 

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for covering the closing cost and appraisal fee for us. The whole process of this loan application went very smoothly. Your staff is very professional, thorough, and patient. We really appreciate it. We will always come to you for any future mortgage needs.

Brian Zhuang (5/3/2013)

Hi Goodview:
Thank you, so much for your helps with our refinance.  Our mortgage was a difficult one and we tried in vain to get refinanced for a couple of times already.  You guys went extra miles for us to successfully get it finally completed.  Now we can enjoy the low interest mortgage as other people do.  Your efforts, time, and professionalism are much appreciated and remembered for long time.
Best regards,
Peter and Joy Zhou (3/8/2012)

Dear Teacher Jiang,

Thank you so much for your excellent teaching which helps me a lot  to pass my BRE salesperson test at my first test Tuesday this week (2/3/15). Do it right at the first time, which makes me very appreciate your great teaching and course. I will highly recommend it to whoever is interested in real estate career.

I hope that I can continue to have the privilege to learn from your valuable experience and outstanding wisdom in real estate business. I am looking forward to your guidance. Please advise me what I should do in order to have the chance to join your great team and work together.

Once again, thank you for your help!!!

Have a great day!


Tony Luan (2/5/2015)

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse a real estate school and Mr. Jiang. As his previous student, I passed state salesperson examination. I cannot image this without Mr.Jiang’s help.

Mr. Jiang provides real estate handouts concise, comprehensive and focused exercises which help me to learn real estate quickly and efficiently. While teaching us the knowledge of real estate to obtain a license, Mr. Jiang also introduce a lot of cases related with his practice experience of real estate and loan business. It accelerates our understanding of the real estate, loan business and the market.It also make us to achieve the leap from theory to practice. It is a great help for us to start a business after having a real estate license.

Sincerely, John Zhang(3/28/2015)

From my very first meeting with Ben, during the process, and even after the closing, Ben has displayed extraordinary diligence and knowledge, as well as trustworthy referrals and advice in the home-buying process. He is thorough, patient and understands all of the details involved in the purchase or selling of a house.

He does not merely show you houses for sale, but makes excellent and constructive observations that are extremely helpful based on his experience.His vast experience  in this business provided a wealth of knowledge that was beyond our expectations and was an invaluable part of making the whole process very smooth, comfortable and quite educational!

He answered my questions promptly, addressed my concerns without making me feel any pressure, and guided me to my new home.

–Samuel H. From San Jose, CA  (9/3/2014)

Hi,Ben I passed the exam today , thank you very much.  也给学校做了宣传,有一人两次考了69, 他问我哪里学得,我告诉了他。
Joanna Zeng (6/5/2014)

Hi Ben,I passed my exam on Thursday, I can’t imagine how can I pass it without your instruction and quiz exercises.  Thank you very much.


Thelma Lie (5/3/2014)

Hello Ben ,just want you to know that I pass the exam on last Wed, March 19 , and I  want to thank you for  your powerful lecture of the class and useful of study material.


Ann Co (3/24/2014)

Thank you for being such a great teacher. I really enjoyed being in your class. Your experience and knowledge I gain will surely help me in my currently job. Thanks again for your wonderful teaching.

Betty Chang (12/5/2013)

Ben, I’m very lucky to have you as my RE teacher – really enjoyed your class and your teaching style – you are professional, knowledgeable,friendly, passionate and with great sense of humor.

Angela Jiang (10/19/2013)

Hi Ben,  Thank you so much for class, recording and the exam materials. It is very very useful and helpful to make me pass the exam in very short period with very limited time. Addition,  I did learn a lot during the preparation in the last two weeks.  I would highly like to recommend the class to my friends if someone wants to take the exam.


John Fan (10/16/2013)

Hi Mr Jiang,

I passed my real estate license test last week.  Thank you for your nice teaching! I learned a lot from your courses on every Saturday!

Haiyan Yu (8/24/2013)

Hi Ben,

I passed the test on 8/1. Thank you for your help! Now I am wondering if you offer any class for loan agent test. I would like to have that license, too.


Hong Yang (8/13/13)

Hi Ben,

Your course for the broker license was very helpful. I passed my broker exam today. Thank you for your great teaching. I also want to get a loan broker license. Can you give me some guidance on that?

Toney Choi (4/9/13)

Teacher Jiang: Just let you know that I passed the sales persontest. You are really a good teacher and I like to listen your lesson(other than come to classroom, I listened your class with audio record a few times and I never felt bored . I do learn a lot from you. I am now preparing for MLO test.


Janet Yu (3/16/2013)

Hi Teacher Jiang,  I passed real estate Salesperson license exam. It was very easy. I finished it within 1 1/2 hour at first try. I think taking your class really helped me to pass this exam. Next step, I want to learn about loan.

Thank you,

Susan Cao (3/13/2013)


I just passed the test today, thank you very much for your teaching and prepmaterials, very very helpful. I am going to apply the agent license in the coming days. I do like to also obtain the loan agent license, you mentioned that you can provide additional training on that, would you share more information on that regard? I am also interesting to get some practical training from you,let me know how does that work as well. Thank you in advance

Frank (3/29/2012)

Hi Ben,

I am glad to let you know that I passed the salesperson exam today and will continue to make my effort to prepare the federal loan exam. Thank you so much for your lessons! It helps a lot! Do you have Loan class now? I would also like to know what your realtor policy is so that I can consider to join you.

–Linda Yin (1/17/2013)

Hi Ben, It must be a lucky day for me – I passed the RE license exam! I like to thank you for helping me to get through this. Ben’s instructions and materials are essential and very helpful,indeed! There were only a couple of math problems – most questions were on basic concepts.  And not many of them were ambiguous – it must be a lucky day for me. Hi Teacher Jiang, I passed real estate exam yesterday! Thanks for the classes!

–Ding Bao

Hi Ben, I’m writing this to inform you that I just passed the exam this afternoon. Thank you so much for the materials n the interesting course that u provided.

Hope He (1/17/2013)

Hi Teacher Jiang,

I would like you to know that I passed the RE salesperson exam this Wednesday,02/22/2012. Your lectures and test preparation materials are very helpful.

Thanks a lot,

–Harry Cui  (02/25/2012)

Dear Teacher Jiang,

Yesterday I pass the Exam. feel is very good. Thank you for your result making class and powerful exercise quiz. Hope under your  professional instruction may lead me to a successful and prosperous career path.

Thank you very much!

Oliver Chen (12/6/2011)

Hi Teacher Jiang,

I took the CA real estate salesperson exam in Oakland on Thursday, 11/10, and have passed the test.

It took me less than three month in part time from beginning to final exam. This is very effective class.

I would like to thank you for your help and support!


–Jeff Chu

Dear Mr. Jiang, I am writing this email to thank you for teaching this course in real estate. Over the course of these past months, you have never failed to deliver relevant course material in a highly thoughtful, organized, and engaging manner. Every class I attended was an informative and rewarding experience. Your knowledge of the field, coupled with your humor and motivation, has helped transform my goal of becoming a real estate agent from a mere idea into a reality. It is because of your expertise and professionalism that I have successfully passed the real estate examination. Thank you.


Stephen Lai (9/11/2011)

Hi Ben,

Welcome back!  Hope you have a great summer and all well with you.

I have passed the exam and received the license last week. Thank you for your instruction.

It was so nice being in your class, also It was so important to attend your every class as we can understand more about the RE concepts and principles.  Besides that, the materials are very useful. Reading and doing them can help pass the exam easily.

Thank you and I really appreciate that. I am looking for apart time position for this practice. Do you have some recommendation?

Thank you.:)

–Hannah C. (7/31/2011)

Hi Mr. Jiang;

I would like to share with you that I have passed the real estate salesperson exam today, it is very useful for all the practice test you offered.

All the best

Leah (5/3/2011)

Hi Ben

Passed! Now, I owe you guys a dinner!
Special thanks to Ben! I can’t made it without your help.

Raymond Wu (4/27/2011)

Hi Ben, this it’s john and i went to your class and it’s so fast to get ready for the exam, only take me 1 month for the class and i am ready to take the test. i will say the study material cover at lease 90% of the answer in the state exam and other 10% will be just math, basic math. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who want to get the license fast.

John Lei (4/26/2011)

Hi Ben,

It is very necessary to go taking Mr Ben’s class. Remember all what teacher says in the class is the fastest way to get your real estate license!

Joanna Shi (4/21/2011)


I would say the classes cover over 80% of the exam questions. The quiz and crash questions cover 100%. I would definitely recommend your course to others.

7 days before my first exam, online I finished all the crash courses but only 20 quiz because of not enough time studying. I failed at 69%. My second trial was ten days later, this time I finished all the 40 online quiz and kept listening to your MP3 recordings. Within 2 hours I finished answering all the questions and pass the exam.

Do you want me to share my experience with the current students?

Ed Leung  (4/18/2011)

Hi Ben,
My name is Jun Liu and I went to your class with my wife.  I have passed the exam and ready to get the license.  Your knowledge and experience really impressed me. I  would like to see whether I could start part time real estate agent career with your firm…

Jun Liu (3/16/2011)

Hi Ben,

I’ve passed the state and NMLO exams, and I’m thinking to join Goodview. Please let me know if it’s possible and what should I do for that?

And please also let me know what is the today’s rate.

Best Regards,

Frank Fu

Hi Ben,

I just want you know that I took the test yesterday and passed it.Thank you for your help to prepare for the test.

You mentioned that we need to pass some tests to be a loan agent.Can you tell me exactly what I need to do? Can you also let me know what exactly we need to do to pass the test for broker license?


Joseph Zhang (2/23/2011)

Dear Jiang,

I am very happy to let you know that I passed my real estate exam yesterday! I can heartily say that your class was the key piece of my success. You are a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who can explain complicated law terms with vivid and understandable language.

Without your class, I would be still struggling with the books alone. I only used two and half months, and from ground zero, to pass the exam. My accomplishment is the best proof of how your class has taught me to learn efficiently.  I hope that you have new federal loan class that I can attend in the future to continue my studies and advance to the next level.

Best regards,

Jenny Jin (12/22/2010)

Hi, Ben

Glad to inform that I just passed the RE exam on Monday.  It took me 2 1/2 hours to finished all 150 questions.

Here I would like to share some feedback from the exam.  Out of these 150 questions, about 30% questions were exactly withdrawed from the online; 20%questions were similar to online; and 50% questions were totally new tome.  I think the most important point to pass the exam is you really have to understand the basic concept on each principle.

Thank you very much for your passed lecture and hope that you will be happy to assist me on RE as I needed.

Angel Hon

Dear Mr. Jiang,

I past the state exam. I am very grateful for your beautiful teaching and the great exam preparation materials (green book) you provide.

What I learn in your class is not only an essence to pass the state exam but also benefits my real life. The questions in the exam are 70%+identical to the “green book”.

I really appreciate your teaching method. You have the ability to make the complicated theory simple, clear and easy to understand by giving the real life example.

Therefore, I highly recommend this class to those people who want to start their career or make their own investment in real estate. Taking this course must be a value adding to your life and future.

Your sincere student,

Hillary Liu 11/16/2010

Dear teacher,
Thanks very much for all putting up the practice exams! I’m very grateful for all the help! A lot of the exam questions came from the practice ones.

Thanks again for everything!

Sue Lee

Hi Ben,

Just let you know that I passed the exam yesterday. Your training class is great. Anyone taking the class should have no problem to pass
the exam.

I also like the practical use cases and Real Estate/Loan training program you offered in the class. They are very helpful for the
ongoing career.

Thanks again.

Frank Fu


I got my real estate salesperson exam passed.

I really appreciate your teaching style and the class notes. The old exam tutorial tool is excellent. I think everyone should pass
the exam if he/she really goes through this online tool.

Once again, thank you for everything you taught in the class.

Hope to see you soon.

Taching Yang (10/27/2010)

Hi Ben,

I passed dre exam on Sept. 28. I really appreciated the classes and the questions for exam preparation which provided by “Goodview realty”. I am going to apply DRE license for next step.

Can you let me know the policy about how the commission to be spited and the fees to be charged? What kind training and support can the agent receive?

Collin Xia

Hi Mr. Jiang,

I took the State Exam last Tuesday (9/7) and I passed it!! Thank you for your fun and informative classes, they surely helped me pass the test in 2 1/2 months.

In this exam, we had 1-2 math questions only. All other questions are related to real estate laws and principles.

The way I studied for this exam was to review your notes after classes, listen to your CD on the way to the office everyday, and do the practice exams both on-line and in the book twice.

You are right, your classes made it easier for us to understand many difficult concepts.We really benefit from you lessons!

Thanks again,


Teacher Ben:

Hi! This is Yue Rong Huang. I passed the R.E test last Thur. Thank you so much.Your class is so awesome and efficient, which provide me a successful begin in R.E career. THANK YOU again!  By the way, please let me know when you would have training class?
Have a great day!


Dear Ben

Thank you for all your support in passing my Real Estate State Exam Very appreciate.
Wishing you happy and healthy every day

cheryl (8/20/2010)

Teacher Ben,

This is Sunny. I just passed the real estate license exam! Thank you very much for your teaching. So I am currently waiting for the DRE’s sales license application form mailed to me. I have following things would like to discuss with you:
1. I am interested in joining your broker company. I remember that you said that your company will provide trainning to new sales. Can I, and How can I join your company? How the trainning is conducted.
2. I am very interested in refinance job as well. So I want to know about your refinance exam class. When and where and how much does it cost?

please kindly let me know.

Sunny (8/4/2010)

Hello! My teacher ! I just passed R.E test yesterday! THANK YOU for the beatuifull R.E classes & all you help !!!

Also I want to know about loan classes.Could you tell me how can I do it with your school? and where can do the R.E finger print?
Thank you again !!!

Alice Guo (8/4/2010)

Hi, this is Sin Yi. I just passed the salesperson exam! Thanks for the course and also the past papers!

Sin Yi (6/22/2010)

Dear Teacher Jiang,

Thank you very much for your lectures. It was unexpected and extraordinary pleasure to learn RE knowledge in your class. It’s really efficient course which use minimum time with maximum achievement. I just passed RE exam yesterday. I hope it’s good start for me to launch in a new career. Could you please have any reference and hint for me to begin with? By the way, please let me know when you would have training class? Once again, thank you very much. Have a wonderful long weekend!


Lifang Weng

Hi, Ben

Under your dedicated teaching, it was very easy and simple to get a DRE license.  All we needed to do was pay attention in class, complete the exam prep,questions and do practice questions on the on-line crash course.  If you complete these tasks, there should have no problems on the exam.
I am one of your students in the San Francisco Location.  I started the course on Jan 10 and ended on Feb 29.  I turned in the exam application and have a confirmation back on my exam dated by April 21 and passed the exam, which took me approximately 2 1/2 hours to finish the test.

Thank you for your help & support !

Joseph Cheung

Hello Ben,

Thank you so much for your guidance, I passed the CA RE License exam which I took last week 4/7/10!
I want to admit that by following your study system, it is the key reason I passed the exam.
I do strongly recommend anyone who want to pass the CA RE License exam take your class and it is money well worthy!
Again, thanks for all your help and support!!!
For those who are going to take the exam, wish you all the very best!

Best Regards,
Henry A. Ong

Thank you for your lecture and materials those enable me to finish the Real Estate salesperson courses and passing the examination within 3 months. It was intense and challenge but well-worth it. And, also thanks for providing me the chance to share my experiences with classmates.
I enjoyed your classes and have learned a lot within such a short time period. I understand that to be successful in the Real Estate business requires many ingredients, and the license and knowledge are just part of it.
I’ll need to go back to Taiwan to take care a period of time before I applying for the salesperson license.


Hi Ben,

How are you? Hope you are doing well! I would like to let you know that I have passed the exam! And I would like to stop by your office sometime next week to talk to you. Could you let me know when would be a good time for you? Thank you!

Best regards,

Hi, Teacher Jiang,

How are you doing? Guess what, I passed the exam on 4/5! Their computer system was down that day and all of us took paper-based exam…anyway, I am so glad that I passed, and thanks very much for your class!
Can I please ask when is your next training session for new agent?

Thanks again!

Weina (4/5/2010)

Hi Ben,

I passed the exam. Would you give the guideline/policy of joining your team?


Christine (4/2/2010)

Dear Mr. Ben,

I like to thank you for providing the excellent real estate course. I passed the salesperson exam on March 1, 2010!

I was not a good student because I can only get around 60 – 66% correct when I did the green book exam. I thought I must fail in this state exam, but I passed it! I can not believe I could pass it!

There are around 1/3 same as your green book, and 1/3 with some kind changed, and other 1/3 did not see it but your class give me a tip to guess it. I spent almost 3 hours to finish the test. So I am not a good student^_^.

Thank you again!

Qifeng Liu

Hi Ben,

I have passed today salesperson exam.Yes, most of the questions (> 70%) are from either the on-line quizs or the “green book”.
I would like to thank you very much for your great teaching.Your classes gave me good time, and helped me to pass the exam.

Best regards,

On-Bong (2/19/2010)

Hi Ben,

This is from one of your students, Calvin Yu.  Yes, I have passed my RE salesperson exam back in late-January.  Sorry for such late reply to you.

Thanks for your dedicated teaching~  and Happy Chinese New Year to you too!


Hi Mr. Jiang,

I followed your School Study Schedule for Broker.Took all the tests online.Sent in the paper work.Set up the exam schedule on line .Review the material a couple of days before the exam.Most of the questions are in the text books.

I would like to learn how to do loan.If the schedule is provided.I would like to come back and learn more.

Thank you so much. Mr Jiang.

Henry L. Ong

Hello – Ben,

I started my Real Estate Classes in early Nov 2009. By mid Jan 2010, I passed the test. It took me less than three months to pass the test and get my Real Estate License. Goodview is really good at using simple approach to teach complicated Real Estate terminology. In addition, Goodview has an exam-practice database which appears to be the right hammer for the test.


Hi Ben,

I just passed the State exam.
Your class provides the good foundation/concept for studying books.
The greenbook and online crash/preps are good excise of the study and covers about 80% of state exam.

Thank you very much !

Willy Kuo (1/19/2010)

Ben, hi I just enrolled online and paid tuition .. pls give me the official receipt when I stop by your office to pick up the books tomorrow (Monday or Tuesday) ..

BTW, I enjoyed your class yesterday, the concept was well explained with humour .. also a good group of serious students—an added plus to join the school.

Chao Yong (1/10/2010)

Dear Mr. Jiang ,

I pass the real estate exam last week . There is a total 3 > months since I attended the course in Nov , last year . The > school is great . The material the school provides is very > useful . Thanks Ben .



Dear Mr. BenJiang,

I like to thank you for providing us such excellent real estate course. I passed the exam taken on Jan 5th.Most questions on the state exam are exactly same as those in on line exercise and the green book. You even don’t need to read all the four answers before find the correct one. So it just take me 2 hours to finish the test. Of course there are still some questions I don’t know the answer and need wild guess, but the number of such question is very limited.

Thank you again for all you did to assistant me to pass the test. Which you have a fruitful new year!

Mei Yan (1/6/2010)

Hi Ben,

I took the salesperson’s exam and passed it this morning. Thanks for all the materials you gave us for the course, they are very very helpful.

It took me less than 2 hours to finish it, I woulld say, 85%~90% questions are directly or indirectly related to both the green books and on-line quizs.

I am interested in taking your up-coming new agent tranning class, also would like to know more about classes for taking Broker’s Exam. ( I am qualified with the education requirement of having a 4-year college degree in US.)  Please keep me informed with the tranning. Thanks in advance.

Weiling Wang 1/5/2010

Hi Ben,

Jeanne and I just passed the state exam this Tuesday and would like to say thank you.  It’s a great class and your explanations of real estate terms were very helpful.   The notes and online quizzes are awesome!!  Also, we appreciate your time to answer the questions after the class.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to start a real estate career!


Thank you,

Joyce & Jeanne (1/1/2010)

Hi Ben,

I pass the salesperson exam today. Thanks for the study materials and online tesing exams. Those are very helpful to pass the exam.

Tina 12/16/2009

Teacher Jiang,

Ms. Yung Ti Wu, Mr. I-Chung Ling and me, recently we all passed the salesperson exam. The online quiz, crash and exam prep are very helpful.

Thanks again!

Lillian Yao

Hi Ben,

Just want to say thank you so much for helping me to catch my first goal and to share my experience with the new students.

I joined the class on 8/08/09, and filed exam on 9/25/09. The notice came on 10/16/09 for the test on 10/28/09.
Overall, it meets my target to get the license within three months.

My suggestion to get the exam ready are:
1. Attended one whole cycle of your class first
2. Went through “Real Estate Principles”
3. Started the tests from “Real Estate Agent License Exam Prep Questions(green one) for 3 times or whatever your score can
reach 85%
4. Started the on line tests for 3 times or whatever your score over 85%

You may have some questions during part 1 & 2, but gradually you will get the answer and explanation from part 3 & 4
at the same time while you are working on them.

In your Salesperson Examination Application, if you prefer NOT to use eLicensing to schedule your own examination date and you would like to have your exam ASAP, you must mark on column 9: “NO – Proceed to item 10”, then mark on column 11 Earliest date you can take exam: Anytime, prefer PM.

The last tip for you. If Oakland is new to you. There is a parking building in front of Department of Real Estate. It is very convenient to park across the street.

Good luck to you all!! And Ben, thank you again!!

Best Regards,

Sue-Mei Hou Lin

Hi Ben,

Hope all is well!

Just wanted to share a good news with you. I passed the salesperson exam yesterday. Thank you so much!


Hey Ben,

I finally took the exam today and passed with ease. I can’t believe how many familiar questions there were. I definitely could have taken this much sooner; if only I taken that online exam earlier! Anyhow thanks for your help and support this using your own time.

Otto Hui

Hi Ben,

I passed the broker license examination yesterday. Since I applied the license & examination combination, and submitted the finger-print scan before the examination, I may get the license pretty soon.   Thank you so much for your lessons.



Hi Teacher Jiang,

I am glad to tell you that I passed salesperson exam last Thursday.

I think the following steps help with preparation of the exam:

1. Go to Mr. Jiang’s class. He explained concepts and terms very well.  He used real-life examples to explain the basic concepts that will be tested on the exam, such as agency, trust deed, and appraisals.  In addition, he told us what are the more important concepts and what we can ignore.  This is very helpful if you don’t have enough time to go through everything on the book.

2. Do the online practise test.  I think many problems in the exam are exactly the same as what showed up in those online tests.  If you went though the problems and answers once or twice, you will have no problem identifying the right answer of those questions.  However, I do feel the green book exercise is a little bit too much for the exam.


Dear Teacher Jiang,

I am writing to say thank you for all your helps in the Real Eatate class and the study materials that helps me pass my salesperson exam on August 28,2009. Although I was somewhat surprised to pass the test the first time, I have to say that beside the classes i attended and repeated, Idid study at home very hard. I would also emphasize that the best way to pass the test is to really study the material. Memorization of questions will not in my opinion be very helpful. Again, I am greateful for your patience and good teaching. It helped me greatly. I would not hesitate to recommend your school to people who want to learn about real estate. I found that the classes are not only good for those who want to pass the state test but for anybody who wants to invest in real estate.
Again thank you very much for all your helps.

Best regards,


Hello Ben,
Yesterday (9/1/2009), I have finished my State Exam and I passed the exam. The paper was little tough. Most of the questions were from your green book and online practice exams but lots of these questions had a twist and I think at least 25% were new questions(not found in green book/online).

Thank you very much for all the support.

Best Regards,

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I am writing to tell you that I passed my real estate exam yesterday.As it is computer exam, I got the result just after I clicked finish button.

I took the exam on Aug 17th 2009; all I need to bring is just my ID and appointment letter. They will provide you with a pen, a paper, a calculator and a mouse for the computer exam. You can see how many minutes left on the top left of the screen. Also you can find which questions have been done and which ones you leave blank on the right of the screen very clearly. My advice is just leave it blank for the question you are not sure about as you can go back and check very easily afterwards. It took me around 2 hours to finish the whole questions and then I just use the time left to check those uncertain questions. There were about 6 math questions in the exam, much easier than those we saw in the green book. I think at least 85% of the questions are either from the green book or the on line crash exams. I found most of the questions so familiar to me and made me feel less nervous.

As for my preparation for the exam, I went to teacher Jiang’s class and went through the textbook a lot at the beginning. Just one month before the exam, I practiced a lot on the green book and on line crash questions. I strongly suggest if possible, at least practice those questions 2 or 3 times before go to the real exam. Finally I would say thank you again, I do not believe I could pass the exam so easily without teacher Jiang’s class. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends who are planning to take the real estate exam.

Also just wonder when will you have sales agent practice class? Is there one in San Francisco branch?

Thanks& Regards

Leilei Qi(Christina Qi)

Dear Teacher Jiang;

I am so excited that I passed the DRE exam. I want to thank you for your great teaching and thank you for all the exercising materials you provided in the green book and was incredible how similar these questions are on the exam.  I am not surprised why so many students in your class passed the exam. You are  wonderful !  Thanks again ! ! !


Judy Sims (passed on 8/3/2009)

I am glad to share with you the news that I got the salesperson license today.

I took the exam in July. The questions of the exam were straightforward and fundamental, a real reflection of the real estate principles. However it didn’t give me  much hardships and difficulties in solving them because of the quite similar topics and questions have been discussed in the class or in the practice. At the end of the exam, there was only one question that I am totally clueless, but it is not a very cornered  question, probably just a miss in my preparation.

I just want to thank you for the real estate professional training you provide at the Goodview.  I took the class,  went to your website and  took the practice  available.  I think the class  materials are very well organized. the website is efficiently designed, and much more important, the professionalism of the instructor, (I mean you, Ben),  is making the studying process so much easier. The coverage of practice exam and textbooks are very broad and accurate. Therefore I think anyone we spend enough time to  understand what is being taught can pass the state exam without any problems.

I also want to wish those who are preparing for the exam the best luck. If there is anything I can help or share with everyone, please let me know.

best regards
Geng Tian

Dear Mr.Jiang,

 I would like to share my joy and appreciation for passing the DRE salesperson exam on 07/07/09. Although I just started the session on Mar 24 this year, I have gained a lot of helps from your teaching and useful materials. I strongly recommend doing your Goodview online questions at least a couple times, which includes a lot of similar questions in the California State Exam. The keys to pass the State Exam definitely are “listening and understanding your Goodview lecture notes and doing ALL the questions provided by Goodview. Thanks again and good lucks to all the other classmates.

Best Regards,

Frank Liu

Hi Ben,

I took the salesperson exam on 10/6 in Oakland and passed. Thanks a lot for your helps.  I have nothing but praises for the class. I think you made everything easy for students. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anybody who’s interested in becoming a real estate agent.



Last week on Thursday I took the state exam at Oakland.  I am so happy to see my status online is passed yesterday. So I would like to share with you my happiness. And also thank you once again you are our great teacher. I hope will learn more real world real working experience in the furture.

I would more than happy to share my learning experience with all of your classmates, and I hope I can encourage them to have more confidience to pass the exam and step in real estate industury in the furture!I will come to see you this Sat (9/27/08) morning before 10am

Thank you again!

Have a nice day!

Wendy Wang

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I would like to let you know that I passed the Real Estate Exam! I’m very satisfied and I want to thank you so much for all the effort you put into teaching me the material. You put so much energy and dedication into every lesson which made it both enjoyable and a great learning experience. Especially since many people are very busy these days, just by going to your class weekly, I was able to absorb and attain the material very quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much!

Jane Chow (San Francisco Class)

Dear Mr, Jiang,

I am very exciting that I passed the state exam on Mar,12th, 2008.I have to say, you are  a great teacher, you are the best. I really appreciate that I could have such opportunity to learn from you.

During the time I’ve been learning in your class,I found out that I was not just learning the principles of RE,but also I’ve learned so many life skills.The way you teaches is really amazing, you could get every student’s attention to listen to you, it’s just like bringing us to the RE  field in real, while we’re learning the principles we’re using it, we fully understand it and  won’t forget .You create an excellent atmosphere for study, all of our students are sharing the learning experiences, informations,etc. You are very supportive.

Mr,Jiang, once again I would like to say thank you! thank you! and thank you very much to you!!!

Best regards

Lu (Rose) Wang

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I just took the DRE exam on last Thursday ( 9/27/07 ).  This afternoon around 2:40pm, I found out that I passed the exam.  I did it! Actually, I didn’t expect that the results would come out so fast.

First of all, I’d like to THANK you for your detail teaching, hand-out material, as well as on line prep for the exam. Therefore, I am glad to share my learning and exam experience with my classmates.  Hopefully, everyone can benefit from my sharing just like the previous classmates did for us.  In the future, I will highly recommend teacher Jiang to whoever wants to take the RE class.

Iris Huang

Hi teacher,

I passed the exam which I took on 9/19. Thank you for all your help. You are such a wonderful  teacher, you make things easier and possible to understand. Please tell everyone that it is very important to follow your instruction, pay attention to what you say and do all the exercises on line or in green book.




I am glad that i took your classes and passed the exam on 9/14. Without taking your classes, i do not think that i could pass the exam so easily and quickly. It definitely worths it. Thanks,

Jin Lu

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I am very pleased to let you know that I passed DRE exam after studying in your class for three months. Almost 80% of the exam questions are either addressed in the class or covered in online hot crash test.Thank you for the excellent class and study materials!


-Bo Wang

Dear Teacher Jiang,

Just wanted to share the good news with you. I have passed the sales agent’s exam on 8/3.  I am thrilled. Whow . . . It opens up a whole new world for me.
Thank you so much for your hlep. I have enjoyed your classes since day one.

Keep in touch.



Dear Teacher Jiang,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity of receiving instruction in the Real Estate Principle from one of the best instructors in the business-Teacher Ben Jiang. With your experience and expertise in the business, I have been exposed to quite a few practical cases. Definitely, it will help us to pursue the career in Real Estate in the near future.
I will spread the good words for the magnificant Real Estate class to all my friends, I will not be surprised that more people will join your class in the future


Daniel Lou

Hi, Teacher Jiang,

Thanks for the class it was really helpful to get an overall review of the test, also the new book you let us borrow is great, I am studying it everyday now hopefully I can pass the test soon.-

–Jason Chiu

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I’ve wanted to get a real estate license for a long time. However as a working mother with two young kids, I‘ve no much time sitting down to study. Going though the Real Estate Principal courses with Teacher Jiang, it took me only two months to pass my state exam on my first try. Teacher Jiang’s RE courses is an intensive and effective method for a Real Estate license.  His class notes and study materials are xceptional, easy to read, understand and remember. I was also impressed with his prompt and helpful with any question I’ve ever had. I think going to Teacher Jiang’s RE school is a very efficient way for licensing.


Wendy Zhang

Dear Teacher Jiang,

The class gives beginner very clear concepts and knowledge. The class is very interactive and easy to follow up. The real happened cases in the past are given on the class time by time to help students to easy understand how the real estate rules be used and be carefully apply in the real business.

The very organized and selected sample tests greatly help student to enhance and consolidate what they learned on the class and accumulate confidence to pass the DRE license test.Also, the class room environment provide comfortable and relax learning environment. You can even have your kids in another room drawing or reading books while you on the class without interfering. The teacher Jiang, is not only a very experienced real estate broker, but also knows how to educate Real Estate Principle and Real Estate license preparation. He is very patient to answer questions and give examples to clean student’s confusion.

After attending the class and finishing most of test exercises, I really think students will be easy and successfully to pass the California real estate tests.

Peter Li

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I would like to express my gratitude toward your advice and help in preparing me for the state exam. Your thorough understanding of the material and your ability to effectively communicate this knowledge to
others were vital to my success. You made extra efforts to provide us with practice questions and emphasize critical points – all of which allowed me to pass the exam on my first try. I really appreciate your
teaching and assistance.

Ching Yen

Dear Teach Jiang,

It was a really great experience for me to be in your class for the past several months. It not only helped me to pass my State exam at first try within such a short period, but also trained me to start
real case right after the test. I really enjoy to sit in your class, it is so friendly. You concept and logic is so clear which makes the lecture is so easy to be understood and remembered. Being in your
class is such a treasure for me in my real state career. I really appreciate this.

Huimin Mu

Dear Teach Jiang,

I enjoyed your class. You are so helpful to me when I needed while I was preparing the test. You explained the real estate concepts in a very clear and easily understandable way. Your class materials caught most of the important stuffs in the exam. The online crash exams, the hot crash exams (hard copies) and the text books are all very helpful to pass the State Exam. Thanks again!

Lijun Gu

Teacher Jiang,

Your class not only helps me pass the state exam but also opens a door for me. The class room setting is very modern, comfortable and welcome. The content of class covers all aspects of exam and you explained the real cases in details. Your lecture is clear and easy to understand. The most impress me is your patiance to answer my qestions.  I enjoy your class very much.

I believe that I make good choice to attend Goodview Realty & Financial school.

thank you again

Su, Zhen

Dear Teacher Jiang,

I can pass the exam, mainly because your teaching is
very good.

here are some tips from my point of view:
1. attend the class is important. Truly understand the knowledge systematically presented in class by Teacher Jiang.
2. understand each scenario of terminology or questions, “there is a picture/scenario behind the question” (as what Teacher Jiang said and presented in class)
3. do crash and exercises questions what the Teacher Jiang gave as much as possible. Review those questions which you did wrong in the first time. (I did two crash exercises and have some wrong answers in my first on line test, then I went over those wrong answered questions again before test.)

Thanks again for your good teaching, it is my pleasure to have met you in this class.

Mike Hong

Dear Teacher Jiang,

It was one of my best decisions to come to your class. Being a mom with a full time job, I am so glad that I
could pass the State Exam on the first try and in a
short period of time. Your lecture, which includes a
lots of examples in daily life, is very organized and
easily understood. Your class notes and on line
practice problems were very helpful too. I will
definitely recommend your class to the people who are
interested in real estate career adventure. Thanks

Jennifer Hu

Dear Teacher Jiang,

Mr. Jiang is a very good instructor, he taught us patiently and elaborate terms with examples so that we are able to understand and remember it. The class is very flexible and fun to attend.
I am very impressed with Instructor Jiang’s knowledge regarding to real estate history and he also provides us a lots of practical information. Thanks owe to Mr. Jiang for letting us enjoy the class as well as to
pass the examination.

Best Rgds…

Grace Wang

Hi Ben:

I finally passed the sales agent exam on Nov. 23rd last week

It was a tough one but I finished the exam within 2 hours.

There were only two simple math. questions and most questions are related broker ,agent, principal relations and legal issues.

More than 50% questions are from the green book and the on-line course questionnaires.

You always emphasized that we need to understand the principle and it is the key for me to pass the exam.


Thanks again

Leon Lee

NMLS MLO Test comments:

Thanks Ben, I got passed both National and State test.

Tony Zheng (3/28/2011)

Dear Ben:

I passed the broker license and Loan ( Natiional and State License) too.
I cannot make it on Feb 12th, 2011. I’d like to attend your training the coming one.
I also want to take you out for celebration.

Thanks so much.

Maymar Lim (2/4/2011)

Hi Ben,

I have taken the Federal exam on 11/15 and your practical question account material helps a lot. I just tried to prepare the state exam …?
I am very appreciate your helps!

Jimmy Lee

Hi Ben,

I passed the exam! thanks for the notes and especially the green book. I enjoyed your lessons!




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