Dear Borrower,


Let us know if:

  • Has Solar Panels on the property

  • Has HELOC

  • Take forbearance (defer mortgage payment) from the current lender

  • Affected by Covid-19 (i.e applied forbearance, salary reduction)



The Do's 请注意!

  1. If anything changes in your employment, income or assets, contact me.

  2. Remain in contact with me for items needed.

  3. Make sure you have signed and returned any necessary documentation requested as this can often hold up your process.

  4. Continue to pay your mortgage payment.

  5. Continue to pay your other obligations as scheduled.

  6. Please inform the Loan Officer, if extra mortgage payments will be made.



The Don'ts 请勿!

  1. Please do not make any large transaction among your bank accounts, too much trouble to source all the transactions.

  2. Do not renovate subject property.

  3. Do not obtain any other liability.

  4. Do not apply for new credit.

  5. Do not increase your usage of your revolving debt.

  6. Do not allow your credit to become delinquent with any of your creditors.

  7. Do not change the status of your credit accounts without discussing with the Loan Agent. If there are items on your credit report that are inaccurate, discuss resolution with me before disputing.

  8. Changes to your debts or payment habits may impact your credit score and qualification which can disqualify you or change the fees of your loans. 


Who will be on the title?

Name:                    Phone Number:                     Email:


  • Anyone on title will need to signdocs at closing or you need to do POA if anyone of title holder will not be able to attend signing.
  • If you want to change the title vesting by adding or removing a title holder, the action might trigger the transfer tax and re-assessment.


If You Have HOA

Please provide HOA contact, make sure HOA has no litigation.

HOA management  

Phone  number  


monthly fee


6 Months No Refinance Agreement

The lender requests to stay with the investor for at least 185 days after the refinance transfer (not funding) date. Otherwise, We have to pay back all the closing costs to the lender. Thanks for your consideration.

因为是no cost, no point, no fee, Lender 会要求loan transfer后过六个月再refinance,不然需要pay back所有的costs, 所以如果您不能等待六个月, 请事先告知!

Refinance Document/Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist 

1. Download to your computer and fill out the 1003 Loan Application Form , Authorization Form and Reimbursement Statement.

  • Provide ALL the information highlighted.

  • You can fill out the form on the computer and save as a PDF file. You don’t have to sign it.


2. We will pull your credit report


3. Recent 30 days pay stubs

  • Need three pay stubs if you get paid bi-weekly or two stubs if paid semi-monthly.

  • The employer name must be shown on the pay stubs.


4. Last two years tax returns (Federal only but with all schedules)

  • Try to provide all pages including Schedule C, Schedule E, K-1, etc

  • Proof of extension if you filed a tax extension.


5. Last two years W2s


6. Recent two month bank statements  

  • Some banks only provide quarterly statements if no account activities,make sure it's a clean quarterly statement and provide the last 60 days transaction history.

  • Please do not make large deposits or withdraw large amounts of money from the bank accounts during the loan process. 


Valid bank document:

Any document should include: 


  • Your name, address, bank name and account number. 

  • All numbered pages - even the pages that are otherwise blank. A beginning and ending balance. 

  • A full 60-day history (for Bank Statements) or most recent quarterly statement (for 401(k), 403(b), Keogh account and IRA statements). 

  • If there are any deposits out of the ordinary, provide a letter of explanation detailing the source of the deposit. 

  • Accounts must be eligible for withdrawal in order to be used for proof of assets. Proof of withdrawal and liquidation is required for 401K accounts - if using assets for funds to close your loan. 

  • If you physically go to your bank and get a statement from your bank teller, make sure your bank teller signs, dates and stamps all pages of your statement before you leave. 

  • If you print your bank statement from your bank's website - please make sure the web address (URL) is included on the statement. 

  • If you're providing an IRA or 401(k) statement, please note that only 60% of the vested balance after any outstanding loans can be used as available assets.


7. Driver's license (front and back) for all borrows, and

  • For US citizen, driver license copy (front and back) only

  • For green card holder, please provide green card copies (front and back)

  • For H1B holder, please provide:

             Passport - only need first page with photo

             Entry Visa on passport, it's OK if it's expired

             I-797 - two pages


For refinance, please also provide items from 8 to 11

8. Homeowner fire insurance statement (a.k.a Hazard insurance)

  • Make sure it's not expired.

  • Provide the insurance agent contact info, if it's not on the statement.


9. Most recent mortgage statement

If the subject property is an investment property, I'll need your primary  home mortgage statement/insurance statement/HOA statement.


10. If have HOA, provide

  • The master insurance. 

  • The HOA monthly statement. Do not use a screenshot.

  • Let me know if the total condo units < 20 in your community.


11. Property tax statement


Additionally, please also provide the following if 

  1.  If you have HELOC/Second Mortgage, provide:
  • Heloc note and agreement


      2. If you have rental property, provide

  • Rental agreements (if rental income will be used)

  • Mortgage statement

  • Insurance Declaration Page

  • Property tax slip

  • Insurance

  • HOA statement (if the property has HOA)

      3. If you are a new graduate student, provide:

  • Degree diploma

  • Start/end date of your degree

  • Address of your college

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