New Agent Training系列课程


New Agent Coaching

  • Getting Started

1-Successful Agent Attributes

2-Sources and Open Houses

3-Direct Prospecting

4-Fanatical Prospecting: The Difficulty of It

5-Leads and Listings

6-Top Producer Advice to New Agents


8-Who’s THAT on Your Card?

9-Answer the $%^& Phone!

10-Mispronounced, Misused

11-New, Young and Hungry with Lawrence Wong

12-Productive, Profitable and Professional

13-Venus Morris Griffin: Life Changing Start

14-Getting Started with Prospecting

15-Transition Mindset and Actions



  • Prospecting

1-Introduction to Prospecting

2-Questioning Skills

3-Back to the Basics with Bob Wolff

4-Establish a Referral System

5-Be There, Sources, Follow Up, Systematic

6-Open Houses Launch New Agent’s Career (Part 1)

7-Open Houses Launch New Agent’s Career (Part 2)

8-Inside an Open House with Mike McAnally

9-Open House: Create Traffic, Preparation

10-Open House: Rapport, Debrief, Appointment

11-Open House Techniques That Secure Buyers

12-Open House Follow Up

13-You Make the Call

14-Right from the Start, Part 1 Listing

15-Right from the Start, Part 1 Listing

16-Cold Calls, Bold Calls

17-Canvassing for Listings: Preparing

18-Canvassing for Listings: Meeting the Homeowners


  • Lead Conversion

1-Answer the $%^& Phone!

One of the reasons marketing might not be paying off for you is because no one seems to answer the $%^& phone! You get prospects to call, then you ignore them as they get thrown into the hostile environment of your automated voicemail systems. Learn the importance of responsiven…

2-Annoying Greetings to You!

Telephone technique in our industry in painfully bad. We are abusing our callers and setting horrible first impressions. This video presents several examples on what NOT to do with your in-bound calls and voicemail messages. Learn how to design greetings that create a positive impression with all…

3-Questioning Skills

Have you ever not known what to say? Fear of prospecting goes away when you realize that it’s not what you Say, but what you ASK. Story of purchasing a wide angle lens and the importance of asking questions before presenting benefits. Being serious, attached to the outcome, minimizes success. Hav…

4-Convert Sign and Ad Calls

Telephone technique is a critical weakness in real estate. Cost to create a prospect call. What is the purpose of telephone technique? Prospects don’t usually buy the home on which they called. Must qualify and convert. Sign calls vs. ad calls. Determine their motivation. How to get their name. Q…

5-Who is Ready, Willing & Able

Philosophy of selling: instead of forcing people to act, find those who are already acting. Deepak Choprah philosophy: Let Go of the outcome. Key skill of DISqualifying. The Three Critical Questions to ask buyers. Story of Mom working with real estate agents on Marco Island. Role play demonstra…

6-Expert Advice for a Low Inventory Market

These five gentleman asked to come to our studio for some personal video. (They call themselves “iAmigos” and meet in a mastermind group throughout the year.) We took advantage of their visit and recorded five full-length interviews that addressed technology, online lead generation, referrals, li…

7-Lead Management & Follow-Up, Listing Presentation

8-How to Break Through Resistance

9-We Have a Friend in the Business

10-Listing Lead Management

11-Call Logs and Automated Systems

12-How Top Producers use Technology to Generate Leads

  • Buyers

1-Buyers: The First Meeting, Needs & Motivation

2-Financial Qualifying & Prepare Buyers to Buy

Although you will send your buyers to a lender for pre qualification, this video shows how you might explain it to them in advance. These role plays will help you deal with finances and prepare your buyers to buy, then get them ready to make the decision to buy once you find them a home. Address …

3-Saving Time with Buyers

4-Buyers: Showing Sequence and Guidelines

Preparing for showings. The DCAB method using the law of contrast to sequence your showings. How to avoid “sticker shock” by playing the game “The Price is Right.” Showing guidelines; delay the feature sheet, save price until the end. Role play demonstration of this. Silence is golden, be quiet. …

5-New Agent Converts Internet Buyers, Landon Miller, Part 2

6-New Agent Converts Internet Buyers, Landon Miller, Part 1

7-Working with Buyers, Showing

9-Ten Tips for Better Showing, Part 2

10-Ten Tips for Better Showing, Part 1

11-Financial Qualifying Interview

Watch a complete* financial qualifying interview conducted by finance professional Robert O’Toole. *NOTE: The buyer in this video asked us to remove some personal information.

12-Buyer Side of Multiple Offers, Agent Interview

Part 2 of the interview with real estate agent CJ Gade on multiple offers, David and CJ discuss multiple offers from the buyers’ side and what method work for her in a competitive marketplace.

13-Work With Builders to Sell New Construction: Research and Meet Builders

Our builders and new construction experts describe how to research reputable builders, conduct a first meeting with a builder and gain basic knowledge of construction. If you are considering showing new homes to your buyers, you will learn how to work with builders and be paid a commission for se…

14-Work With Builders to Sell New Construction: Benefits and Confidence

  • Listing Presentation

  • Getting Unstuck

Rising Stars 

  • Growing the Business

  • Referrals

  • Listing

  • Buyers

Top Producers 

  • Personal Growth

  • Client Relations

  • Luxury Real Estate

  • Listing Presentation

  • Technology

  • Time for assistance


Personal Development 

  • Values and Equities

  • Goal Setting

  • Attitude


  • Pre Listing

  • First Listing Call

  • Seller Counseling

  • Listing Presentation

  • Close, Objections

  • Prepare to Sell

10-Week Listing Course

  • Week 1 Capture Leads

  • Week 2 Referrals

  • Week 3a: FSBO, Expireds

  • Week 3b: Open Houses

  • Week 4: Pre Listing

  • Week 5: Seller Interview

  • Week 6: Listing

  • Week 7: Pricing

  • Week 8: Closing

  • Week 9: Objections

  • Week 10: Commission


  • Questions & Conversion

  • Referrals

  • Open House

  • For Sale By Owner

  • Expired Listings

  • Farming & Canvassing


  • Event Marketing: Planning Your Event

  • Event Marketing: Getting Started

  • Event Marketing: Day of the Event, Follow Up

  • Event Marketing

  • Past Client Events

  • Event Marketing Brainstorming

  • Building Familiarity vs. Direct Prospecting

  • Trees for Toys – Marty Siegel

  • Venus Morris Griffin: Marketing & Branding

  • Generating Leads, Prospecting, Marketing

  • Shoot Better Video


  • Establish Value, CMA

  • Pricing Presentation

  • Pricing Objections

Luxury Real EstateBuyers 

  • Qualifying Financially

  • Buyer Counseling

  • Prepare Buyers to Buy

  • Showing

  • Close for the Purchase

Closing, Objections 

  • Closing Skills

  • Objections

  • Commission


  • Negotiation Principles

  • Purchase Agreement


  • Social Media

  • Computing

  • Photography, Cameras

Financing, Legal 

  • Financial

  • Mortgages

  • Legal, Ethics

  • Short Sale


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