Rent vs. Own Calculator

Calculate the difference between renting a property and buying a home. Find out which is better for you. This calculator consider factors like how long you plan to stay in the new home, the home's prospects for appreciation and taxes.
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Rent vs. Own Calculator
Monthly Rent ($): 
Expected Annual Rent Increases (%): 
Monthly Renter's Insurance ($): 
Home Purchase Price ($): 
Down Payment ($): 
Loan Interest Rate (%): 
Loan Term (years): 
Estimated Costs Associated with a Home Purchase (%): 
Property Tax Rate (%): 
Annual Home Maintenance Cost (%): 
How Long Before Selling (years): 
Annual Appreciation on the Home (%): 
Selling Costs (%): 
Interest Currently Being Earned on Down Payment (%): 
Your Income Tax Rate (%): 
The mortgage calculator is provided as an estimation tool for your convenience and should not be considered as a loan offer. We do not in any way guarantee the accuracy or suitability of the results.

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